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Van Ravenhorst, over 100 years your specialist in efficient logistics.

Van Ravenhorst has over 100 years experience as a bodybuilder. And just as long we are specialists in the field of efficient logistics. Customers see us as a committed partner who likes to come up with innovative solutions. In that respect are not only a manufacturer, but also a creator of bodies.

We realize ourselves that the transport is a link in the chain. Changes in the industry will lead to changes in transport like in the case of the introduction of modules instead of crates for poultry transport. Faced with this situation new requirements for loading systems or ventilation arise. We respond to this with new systems and flexible solutions that can also be retrofitted to an existing truck or trailer.
Our engineers are both creative and innovative. They apply modern technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of transport. Examples of these are our modern climate control systems, the disinfection systems and multiple loading floors. At the same time these solutions are innovative. Through small adjustments and alternative solutions our engineers create just the extra bit of loading space or finishing that we are known for. On top of that we cooperate closely with a number of international suppliers that guarantee various specialized solutions.
Our engineers and mechanics sign for maximum service. This all starts with a customized design.. After the construction and delivery are mechanics remain stand-by for maintenance and in case necessary repairs on a 24-7 basis. We know the importance of the continuity of your transport. For this reason we have equipped a complete service department that operates fast and flexible.

We would like to introduce the team to you. These people will always be there for you!

Dick van Ravenhorst

Dick van Ravenhorst


Marijke van Harskamp

Marijke van Harskamp


+31 (0)342 491017

Jan van Reenen

Jan van Reenen


Frederik van Middelaar

Frederik van Middelaar

CAD draftsman/designer

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The rich history of Van Ravenhorst

Van Ravenhorst has been around for quite some time. It al began 90 years ago with a company specializing in bodywork construction. In following years, the company managed to become one of the largest players in the Netherlands.

  • 2014Ontwikkeling dwarsgeventileerde veewagens
  • 2012Ontwikkeling drinkwatersystemen voor pluimvee
  • 2005Ontwikkeling eerste gesloten opbouw voor geconditioneerd veetransport
  • 2001Ontwikkeling eerste gesloten opbouw voor geconditioneerd veetransport
  • 1998Ontwikkeling geconditioneerde trailer voor transport van eendagskuikens
  • 1994Verhuizing vanaf 2 locaties naar 1 nieuwe locatie
    Beide bedrijven komt bijeen op de Harselaarseweg in Barneveld. Verder ontwikkelt Ravenhorst zich door op het gebied van transportsystemen voor slachtkuikens
  • 1992Start 3e generatie – D. van Ravenhorst
  • 1983Verhuizing van afdeling Nijkerk naar Barneveld
    Het bedrijf blijft op 2 gescheiden locaties. Daarnaast wordt een ontwikkeling toegevoegd van beweegbare dubbele laadvloeren voor met name kalverentransport.
  • 1971Overname carrosseriebedrijf van de Bunt in Nijkerk
  • 1950Start 2e generatie – A. van Ravenhorst
  • 1917Start wagenmaker van D. Ravenhorst
    "Door solied werk en billijke behandeling hoopt hij de gunst van het publiek te verwerven".
    De oprichting van de wagenmaker luidt een mooie toekomst van transportoplossingen in. Later weet dit bedrijf uit te groeien tot in internationale speler.

Why Van Ravenhorst?

We are convinced that Van Ravenhorst is the best choice for your bodywork constructions, but we would always say that, wouldn't we?