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Transport Solutions

Your ideal transport solution, realized by Van Ravenhorst


With the solutions of Van Ravenhorst you will be able to transport even more units. More crates, more containers, more goods and more animals. This mean that because of a higher efficiency your transport costs per product will decrease and thereby improving your margin. Thanks to an ingenious and innovative design we offer significantly more space. Browse through this website for example.


Loading and unloading should be a fast, safe and convenient event. We therefore develop user-friendly, practical solutions; from a handy tailgate to a roof lift. Solutions that your driver benefits from every single day.

Optimal conditions

Whether you are transporting animals or goods, we provide the optimal surrounding. From smart intelligent ventilation to CO2-driven system and from refrigeration to heating. We believe that climate control is a prerequisite for maintaining the quality of your products. We create the right conditions for even the most sensitive products, such as eggs or poultry.


Of course, wou want to meet the strict hygiene standards. With our transport solutions we can contribute to these standards. The cargo bodies are designed so that they can be cleaned quickly and correctly. A built-in disinfection system makes the hygiene cycle complete.